Introducing the Wii U. I’m using this to distract myself from the awful dash Tumblr has changed to.

It looks pretty awesome, though the name is a bit lame, I love the Wii Sports demo and it looks like they’re keep the general Wuhu Island theme which is nice, and I’m glad to see they’re adding more sports, rather than just revamping the previous ones. I’m liking the new controller, but I’m glad they kept the old style too, I just hope at least one comes with the console and they’re not only sold separately.

Let’s not also gloss over the AMAZING ZELDA CLIP. True, it’s only a cinematic demo, and might not be part of a game at all, and the first Wii U Zelda might not even look like that (remembering how a realistic rendered fight between Link and Ganon was shown at one E3, and then Wind Waker was released) but it’s still a fucking awesome clip.

And I just came.

I want to revise my Ghirahim theories.

Now, we know that Phi is Link’s sword, and that said sword later becomes the Master Sword. Ghirahim resembles Phi in many ways, not least the diamond motifs. NOW…when watching the Ghirahim segment in that video, we can hear part of Ganon’s theme in the music. Will Ghirahim perhaps become Ganondorfs sword? Exciting stuff.

I’m also hoping that since this is pre-Ocarina, the Sheikah will make an apperance, and we can learn of their extinction/find out if they were the interlopers that became the Twili in Twilight Princess.